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Our Remote Computer Support Service




Are you a small or medium-sized business owner who is spending valuable hours each day on information technology issues? Traditionally, obtaining enterprise level information technology services was cost prohibitive for small and medium-sized businesses.  Now your businesses can take advantage of enterprise information technology services traditionally reserved for large corporations at a fraction of the cost.  Glendale IT Services offers IT Managed Services at a fixed cost per computer per month.  Our full suite of managed services includes: 


Ø  Asset Management

Ø  Patch Management

Ø  Security Assessments

Ø  Software Distribution

Ø  Software Utilization

Ø  Help Desk

Ø  Remote Control

Ø  Secure Management

Ø  Monitoring

Ø  Desktop Management

Ø  Reporting Tools


Why spend another day worrying about your Information Technology infrastructure when we can handle it for you allowing you the time to devote yourself to growing and running your business.  There is no hardware to buy, no long term contracts to sign, just simple, cost effective IT managed services to help secure and support your business.


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